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Evaluating and Improving the SEA System of Recognition, Accountability, and Support (with Rubrics, Explanations, and Exemplars)
Hanes, S., Kerins, T., Perlman, C., Redding, S., & Ross, S. (2012, August)
Lincoln, IL: Academic Development Institute

“This guide for evaluating and improving a state’s differentiated System of Recognition, Accountability, and Support (SRAS) takes into account the current policy environment without overly emphasizing the specific regulations accompanying funding streams so as to be adaptable over time…[it is] based on rubrics aligned with the framework presented in CII’s Handbook on Statewide Systems of Support and updated to reflect recent U.S. Department of Education guidance.”

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Rhode Island Growth Model Visualization Tool
(n.d. [website])
Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum
Providence, RI: Author

“Rhode Island has developed a Growth Model Visualization Tool which is an online tool that enables users to view data in a dynamic, user-friendly format. The public release, available now, allows multiple stakeholders including educators, parents, students, and policy makers to view district- and school-level data for all public Rhode Island schools. Users of the tool can view Math and Reading proficiency and growth data for districts, schools, grade levels, and student groups.”


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