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Steven Ross, S., Jennifer H., & Wong, K. (2009, March). Improving SES Quality: State Approval, Monitoring, and Evaluation of SES Providers. Lincoln, IL: Academic Development Institute, Center on Innovation & Improvement.

Improving SES Quality

“The purpose of this [free downloadable] practice guide is to provide state SES directors and other stakeholders with useful information to help improve their practices in the areas of approving, monitoring, and evaluating providers. At the same time, the guide documents the collective accomplishments, successes, and challenges of states in these three areas.”

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Montana Office of Public Instruction. (n.d.). Montana Migrant Education Program Webpage. Helena, MT: Author.

This webpage describes Montana’s program of supplemental education and supportive services for migrant children including its rationale, goal, and mission. The page also has links to all required forms and documents.
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