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Duffrin, E., & Caitlin, S. (2008, August). Uncharted Territory: An Examination of Restructuring Under NCLB in Georgia. Washington, DC: Center on Education Policy.

Unchartered Territory

“This report describes Georgia’s school restructuring efforts under the NCLB, including… interviews with state officials…and case studies of five schools in three school districts….Georgia districts rejected the federal option to reopen restructuring schools as charter schools, and only one school was turned over to an outside management agency …. Restructuring and outside intervention have done little to improve case-study schools with inadequate leadership.”

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McQuillan, P. J., & Salomon-Fernandez, Y. (2008, September). The Impact of State Intervention on “Underperforming” Schools in Massachusetts: Implications for Policy and Practice Education Policy Analysis Archives, 16 (18).

Drawing on mixed methods data sources (survey and case studies), this article looks at school-level perceptions of state-led interventions and offers a series of proposals aimed at informing future state interventions in Massachusetts and elsewhere.
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