Selecting the Intervention Model and Partners/Providers
for a Low-Achieving School

A Decision-Making and Planning Tool for the Local Education Agency

For the School Improvement Grants, LEAs are responsible for selecting the intervention model and external partners/providers that have the greatest potential to dramatically improve outcomes for students attending a low-achieving school. The Center on Innovation & Improvement offers a tool to assist the LEA in making the best decisions. Because state and district contexts vary greatly, CII encourages the modification of this tool to fit the circumstance. So please use it in whole, in part, or in any adaptation that works best for you.

The file with the word DOCUMENT at the end is a WORD document that can be edited. The file with the word FORM at the end allows only for the entry of responses to the questions, which makes it useful as a form.

Selecting the Intervention Model and Partners - DOCUMENT

Selecting the Intervention Model and Partners - FORM

The data that an LEA assembles in this decision-making tool may also be valuable for the SEA to collect as rich information for its evaluation of its SIG processes and results.

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