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Dounay, J., & Christie, K. (2008, October). Improving the Skills and Knowledge of the High School Teachers We Already Have. Denver, CO: Education Commission of the States.

This policy brief examines seven high-leverage components to strengthen teacher professional development at the high school level and provides state policy suggestions for each: conceptual knowledge; college/workforce readiness in teacher expectations; communities of practice/mentorship; data, assessment, and differentiated instruction; focus on instruction; organizational professional development; and technology use.

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Florida TaxWatch Center for Educational Performance and Accountability. (2007, November). A Comprehensive Assessment of Florida Virtual School. Tallahassee, FL: Author

“In this report, Florida TaxWatch examines the viability of Florida Virtual School as a credible alternative to traditional schooling as regards both student achievement outcomes and cost-effectiveness. Florida Virtual School earned high marks in both.”
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