NEED. States need well-trained, highly skilled change agents and instructional experts working together to build capacity for improvement in districts and schools.
CHALLENGE. States are reorganizing their systems of support, but organizational change without people trained for the work leads only to better organized frustration.
SOLUTION. The Center on Innovation & Improvement, through the Academy, will provide training, consultation, and support for state teams to develop skilled experts in three critical areas:

  1. System Leaders who administer the state system of support and coordinate its components (including the people who carry it out),
  2. Change Agents who understand not only effective operational practices, but also the dynamics of change in an educational setting, and
  3. Instructional Specialists who understand effective classroom instruction and how it can be cultivated in district and school systems to reach a critical mass of instructional excellence.
States ramp up their systems of support by developing skilled experts in three critical areas:
leadership, change, and instruction.

GOOD TO GREAT. By choosing to participate in the Academy, the state expresses its desire to strive for excellence, and devotes sufficient resources and attention to make a high-quality statewide system of support a reality. A focus of the program will be on leveraging existing resources, both personnel and funding, of the state systems so that they can more effectively (and cost-effectively) support improvement efforts of schools and districts in their states.

Member States and their Regional Comprehensive Centers

Cohort 1 (began 2009)

Alaska - Alaska Comprehensive Center
Arkansas- Mid-Continent Comprehensive Center
Idaho- Northwest Comprehensive Center
Illinois - Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center
Louisiana - Southeast Comprehensive Center
Michigan - Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center
Montana - Northwest Comprehensive Center
Oklahoma - Mid-Continent Comprehensive Center
Virginia - Appalachia Comprehensive Center

Cohort 2 (began 2010)

Bureau of Indian Education - Center on Innovation & Improvement

Nevada - Southwest Comprehensive Center
New Hampshire - New England Comprehensive Center
North Dakota - North Central Comprehensive Center
Vermont - New England Comprehensive Center
West Virginia - Appalachia Comprehensive Center
Wisconsin - Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center


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